The three words - consistent, persistent, and resistant are foundational attributes, which are important in almost any pursuit, whether one is building a business, raising a family, pursuing a goal, or facing a challenge in life.  Steve Feazel builds a compelling case that these concepts are particularly important for individuals seeking to faithfully follow Christ.   CPR for the Believer: Life Changing Principles for a Quality Life is a helpful guide for young and old alike.  The book is filled with engaging illustrations and clear points of application.  This is also an effective tool to pass along to others who are seeking a closer walk with the Lord.

Dr. John C. Bowling, President, Olivet Nazarene University

Attention to the Consistent, Persistent, and Resistant strategies for spiritual depth in our time is desperately needed.  Steve Feazel provides a clear path for anyone who desires to maintain or rekindle a strong spiritual life. I recommend this book to anyone who is serious about cultivating a deeper spiritual walk.

Dr. Henry Spaulding II, President, Mount Vernon Nazarene University

CPR for the Believer, “Consistent, Persistent and Resistant,” is a great little book for reviving the spiritual energy for Christians who have allowed their faith walk to become lethargic. It is sure to become a favorite for many Christians. 

Dr. Carol M. Swain, Author, Speaker, Professor of Law & Political Science at Vanderbilt University (Ret.) and frequent guest on the Fox News Channel

For each of us in our Christian lives there is a time when we all need something to motivate us to move to a deeper and more effective walk with the Lord. This book is that something. It deepens your relationship with Christ and will help your spirit soar to new heights. A great encouragement and a must read!

Tim Throckmorton, Midwest Regional Director for Church Ministries, Family Research Council

Being Consistent, Persistent and Resistant to the temptation to fall short in these areas hurts one’s spiritual life. Most of my prayers for my personal life and ministry focus on these very points. No matter how deep our faith, how strong our relationship is with God, we can all use a little CPR (consistence, persistence, and resistance) to support us on our walk with Him. I appreciate Steve Feazel’s work in providing us a framework for that support and the reminder the CPR breathes life into us as we follow Christ.

Melissa Ohden, Abortion survivor, author and prominent pro-life speaker

CPR for the Believer is such a practical and powerful book.   It is easily read, easily understood and easily applicable.  You will find a wealth of practical truth based wholly on scripture that will help you to resuscitate your walk with Christ.  

Bob Burney, Radio Talk Show Host, of Salem Radio Network in Columbus, Ohio (WRFD)