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Vision Word is Steve Feazel's ministry website. He can serve an organization or church as a speaker, seminar leader or stand up comedian. The site also presents his writings and video productions

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Creative Power Pages is a digital publishing service provided by Steve Feazel. Colorful dynamic literary works on Power Point can be purchased and downloaded for immediate use. A pro-life presentation and one on the Christian heritage of America are featured

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Steve Feazel and his coauthor, Dr. Carol Swain, wrote the cultural war book Abduction: How Liberalism Steals our Children's Hearts and Minds. The book exposes how the liberal Left is using the education system and culture to indoctrinate America's youth. The book was featured on Fox & Friends and has enjoy a high volume of sales.

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Melissa Ohden is an abortion survivor who now is a leading voice for the pro-life movement. Steve helped to produce the film A Voice for Life that tells her story.  Melissa now is a published author, mother of two girls and prominent pro-life speaker. She has even testified before Congress regarding the questionable practices of Planned Parenthood

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Dr. Carol Swain, teamed up with Steve to write Abduction: How Liberalism Steals our Children's Hearts and Minds. She has written several other books and is a retired professor of Law and Political Science at Vanderbilt University. She is a Christian and conservative who is a highly sought after speaker. She is a frequent guest of the Fox News Channel and at other media outlets.  Her site conveys all the projects she is now involved in and her latest book. 

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Olivet Nazarene University is Steve Feazel alma mater and is an esteemed Christian University. The university enjoys a stellar reputation among Christian institutions. It is noted for its music program and it has graduated many ministers who have become leaders in their respective denominations. It has a complete athletic program and is also the home of the Chicago Bears summer training camp. 

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Steve and his wife, Edythe both worked at MVNU and still live near by where they continue to interact with current faculty and students. MVNU celebrated its 50th year of service in 2018. It is emerging as a Christian university of choice in the Midwest. New sports programs are being added and the nursing and engineering program are attracting more and more students.

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Tim Throckmorton is a minister who now serves as Midwest Regional Director for Church Ministries, Family Research Council. He presents a video blog on Facebook that focuses on Christian and conservative values. He also has a column that appears in the Washington Times.